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About Clean Rooms

Flynn Construction has completed more than 100 advanced technology cleanroom labs and facilities in Central Texas ranging from microelectronics to life science and medical research facilities.  For more than 30 years, our experience and expertise in the design/build and construction of highly technical and complex cleanroom projects have earned us the reputation as the industry leader in Central Texas.


Why Flynn?

Technical Expertise

Our differentiating factor is that our professional staff has Architectural and Engineering degrees, which means they understand the chemistry, biology, science and engineering required for advanced technology projects.

Proven Results

Patrick Flynn is recognized as a leader in designing and building cleanroom projects ranging from semiconductor FABS to Pharmaceutical Cleanrooms. Mr. Flynn has designed and built over 100 lab/cleanroom projects and is recognized as a leader in the cleanroom industry in Central Texas.

Experience you can trust

Mr. Flynn's background in Architectural Engineering has benefited both Owners and Architects in designing and building high-quality, creative and functional advanced technology projects within budget and on schedule. He has BSL3 facilities certification and brings expertise to projects on issues related to laboratory and cleanroom mechanical, electrical, process piping systems and chemical delivery systems.


We have comprehensive design and estimating databases on advanced technology projects. Whether your facility requires a cleanroom environment or a bio safety lab, Flynn has the experience and expertise to assist in the design of process systems including:

We have comprehensive design and estimating databases on advanced technology projects. We have the experience and expertise to assist in the design of process systems including:

  • 50,000 CFM Scrubbed Exhaust
  • Acid Neutralization
  • Bio Pharmaceutical Laboratories
  • Chemical Delivery & Storage
  • Chemical Exhaust
  • Chemical / Hazardous Waste Facilities

  • Cleanroom Construction
  • DI Water Systems
  • FDA: CGMP Facilities
  • Humidification
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Manufacturing Facilities

  • Microelectronics
  • Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Facilities
  • Research & Development Laboratories
  • Scanning Electronic Microscope
  • Semiconductor Cleanroom Facilities
  • Ultrasonic Wet Bench

Project Execution Program

Flynn has the experience and expertise to assist our clients with lessons learned and best practices to maximize project value.

Assess current status of planning & programming

Program verification of the Owner program requirements

Goals & expectations of the Stakeholders

Review process flow diagram

Develop basis of design

Identify cost-effective architectural engineering design solutions

Establish project design criteria

Scope of work overview

Develop project schedule

Project cost modeling

On-site investigation

Regulatory requirements

Environmental assessment

Utility requirements

Special water & wastewater treatment considerations

Identify chemical & utility matrix

Equipment utility matrix

Equipment utility requirements

Building finishes per lab

Fume hood design/makeup air requirements

Mechanical/HVAC Controls

Electrical design

Plumbing design

Building life safety requirements

Constructability analysis

Procurement strategy

Design task schedule per discipline & deliverables

Project controls

Project execution plan

Substantial completion requirements

Conduct value engineering as requested by client to provide budget alignment

Monitor design/budget alignment through construction documents

Confirm guaranteed maximum price

Establish initial GMP

Advise on construction phasing

Implement construction execution plan

Competitively bid design package

Work in collaboration with design team through design development to provide budget alignment of the OPR and design package


We have comprehensive design and estimating databases on advanced technology projects. We have the experience and expertise to assist in the design of process systems including:

  • 3M Optics Cleanroom
  • Abbott Laboratories
  • Advanced Machine Programming Cleanroom
  • Advanced Micro Devices Cleanroom
  • Advanced Stainless Technologies Cleanroom
  • Aera Corporation
  • Apex Photolithography Cleanroom
  • Apollo Pharmaceutical Cleanroom
  • Applied Materials Cleanroom
  • BOC Edwards – Cryogenic Cleanroom
  • Carbomedics Pharmaceutical Cleanroom

  • CDS Leopold Cleanroom
  • Central Parking Mission Critical Data Center
  • Display Products Technology
  • DTM Corporation
  • Edwards Enterprises Cleanroom
  • Extreme Devices Cleanroom
  • Fallbrook Technologies
  • Freescale Cleanroom
  • Greene Tweed & Company Cleanroom
  • GTI Cleanroom
  • Gunze Electronics Cleanroom Phases 1-3

  • Heliovolt Cleanroom
  • Hospira Pharmaceutical Cleanroom
  • Intel Corporation Mission Critical Data Center Expansion
  • Ion Implants Cleanroom
  • IRC Cleanroom
  • ISE Labs
  • Marconi Aerospace/Tracor Cleanroom
  • Metrowerks Data Center
  • Microelectronics & Computer Technology Corporation
  • Millpore Cleanroom
  • Motorola Data Center

  • N-Line Cleanroom
  • NAMC/ADC Data Center
  • Nanocoolers Cleanroom
  • Nanomedical Devices
  • Natera, Inc. Cleanroom
  • Pentagon Technology Cleanroom
  • Porter Company Cleanroom
  • PPD Phase 5 – Suite 400 Interior Finish-Out
  • Private Research Facility: Phases 1-5 (Data Center & Pharmaceutical Cleanroom)
  • Radiant Research Center
  • Solvay Polymer

  • Steag Microtech Cleanroom
  • STEC Instruments Cleanroom
  • Superconducting Technology, Inc.
  • Syncro-Vac, Inc. Cleanroom
  • Texas State University – Chemistry Lab
  • Texas State University – Jowers Complex Lab
  • Texas State University – Microelectronics Cleanroom
  • Texas State University – Mitte Engineering Cleanroom
  • Texas State University – Polymer Lab
  • Texas State University – Star One Norm Lab
  • The University of Texas at Austin – Behavioral Lab

  • The University of Texas at Austin – High Bay Area Laser Lab
  • The University of Texas at Austin – JGB Lab
  • The University of Texas at Austin – Research Lab Renovations
  • The University of Texas at Austin – RLM Cleanroom
  • The University of Texas at Austin – Ruoff Lab
  • Tokyo Electron Cleanroom
  • Tracor Cleanroom
  • Ultraclean Technology Cleanroom
  • Unit Instruments Cleanroom
  • VTEL Data Center
  • Wilsonart Cleanroom